Avoid These 10 Common Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Kidneys


The kidneys like your liver are a crucial organ in your body that it cannot do without. In addition to producing red blood cell, the kidneys work full time in detoxification eliminating waste and excess substances from your body. It also regulars blood pressure and maintains the balance of minerals in the blood. The kidney is also responsible for removing excess water and removing the end or by-products of various medications in the body after they have been metabolized in the liver. The big problem the kidneys face is the careless attitude we adopt in trying to protect it and keep it healthy. The main culprits damaging our kidneys are these ten lifestyle habits that you need to stop doing because kidney disease is not at all easy to reverse and in many cases is irreversible.

1Holding your pee

Many of us often hold up pee for various reasons. When you don’t empty your bladder on time, it can lead to several problems including kidney disease. The urine will remain in the bladder and then bacteria starts to form which results in infections that could work their way up to the kidneys.

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2Chronic sitting

One of the worst issues of lifestyle is having to sit all day when working at a desk. Sometimes, people are so engrossed in their work that they just don’t get up. This is a serious issue that plays havoc with your body. It can create problems for your butt muscles, tailbone or coccyx and even affect your kidneys. Physical activity improves blood pressure and glucose metabolism which is crucial for kidney health. Sitting for longer periods increases the risk of kidney disease by 30%.

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Here’s what you can do about it

While you may be one of those who have no time to visit a gym, there is so much else you can do to counteract the negative effects of sitting more than 8 hours a day. Take frequent breaks in between, walk around, climb a flight of steps. You could also do some stretches and exercises at work or home. By far the best activity would be to do brisk walking for 40 minutes to an hour 4-5 times a week.

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This is another mistake many people make in their obsession to stay fit and get that toned hot body. What you don’t see doesn’t affect you which is why, while overtraining you may not realize you are damaging your kidneys.

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What happens when you overtrain

When you overtrain and work out your muscles too hard, it can cause a condition called rhabdomyolysis where the muscles can get injured producing dead fibers that flow into the bloodstream. This ultimately leads to health issues and kidney failure too. If you have started increasing the rate of training and suddenly find yourself having dark urine and muscle pain, consult a doctor.

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