10 Best Solutions How to Stop Snoring


4Lose weight

This has some similarities to point 1. Being overweight causes your lungs and neck to block the intake of air which leads to snoring. Being overweight also increases your risk of sleep apnea which will create a bigger problem. Exercise daily or change your diet to lose weight.

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5Before going to bed, blow your nose

Snoring can also occur because of breathing through the mouth. It is advisable to breathe through your nose. To do this, blow your nose thoroughly every night just before sleeping. Use a nasal spray if it is necessary. This will help clear the airways before you sleep. This will also ensure you sleep better and improve your quality of sleep.

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6Nose strips

Nose strips have proven to be effective in controlling snoring. Nasal strips are good for nasal congestion which open and lift the nasal passages. This decongest the nasal passage and improves breathing. It also helps you to stop snoring or at least reduces it to a great extent.

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7Cure your rhinitis, crooked septum or take care of other medical problems

If you find that none of the remedies how to stop snoring work for you, then the issue is most probably a medical problem. It could be chronic sinusitis, cysts, or a crooked septum which requires immediate medical attention. Only a doctor should be consulted who can suggest what to do in such a case.

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7Block your ears

If you don’t want to opt for a medical intervention then there is nothing else that you or your partner can do except use earplugs. This is a nice compromise where at least both of you can get sleep peacefully. However, do not use earplugs when sleeping during the day or every day.

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