8 Warning Signs Your Heart Is Not Functioning Properly


The CDC or center for prevention and disease says that almost 610,000 people die of heart disease every year. 550,000 cases of CHF or congestive heart failure are diagnosed yearly, a heart condition not associated with heart attack that affects people of all ages. Almost 1.4 million people with congestive heart failure are below 60 years of age. Both men and women are affected by cardiovascular disease because if various reasons more commonly connected with certain lifestyles. Here are 8 common warning signs of heart disease that shows your heart isn’t working properly.

1 Pain that spreads to the arm

Pain that spreads to the arm

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In warning signs of heart disease, men may experience left arm pain while women may experience pain in both arms where some women have reported pains in the elbow as one of the heart attack symptoms. The reasons being that heart pain travels to the spinal cord where there is an interconnection of nerves that can confuse the brain in thinking that it is your arm that is paining instead.


2 Coughing that won’t quit

Coughing that won't quit

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Coughing can be due to several issues but also a sign of cardiovascular disease where constant coughing that produces pink mucus containing blood is common to heart disease and congestive heart failure. This is also why CHF is known as congestive because the congestion also makes you cough. Coughing can also be due to dyspnea or loss of breath suddenly


3 Extreme and unusual levels of anxiety

Extreme and unusual levels of anxiety

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According to studies, those who suffer anxiety early in lie are also at increased risk of heart disease. Anxiety because of a stressed out lifestyle, panic disorder, and phobic anxiety all influence the heart resulting in tachycardia, high blood pressure and decreased heart rate. Coping with stress is necessary for a healthy heart. Meditation and yoga can help you cope with anxiety or even exercise like walking that can also beneficial for your heart.


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