5 Common Headache Triggers and How to Prevent or Ease Them


Headaches can happen when you have a cold or the flu, have trouble seeing, or are a woman on your period. This isn’t surprising at all because you may sometimes expect them to happen. But sometimes, you get headaches out of the blue and don’t know why. There are other, less well-known things that can cause this pain. Read on to learn what these possible headache triggers are and how to ease or even stop them.

1 Autumn Anxiety

Autumn anxiety is a type of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that happens when the seasons change. It’s not unusual for people to feel more anxious in the fall. This could be because you get less sunlight, worry about goals you didn’t reach, the start of a new school year, and many other things. Anxiety can also change how you feel and how you feel about things. It can also make you have headaches more often.

Autumn Anxiety

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How to prevent the pain or reduce it?

Getting more sunlight will help your body make vitamin D and hormones like melatonin and serotonin, which are very important for keeping your mood stable. Your anxiety symptoms may also get better if you exercise, try new things, and change your routine. Also, eating lots of vitamin D and tryptophan-rich foods can be very helpful.

How to prevent the pain or reduce it

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