10 Things That Happens to Your Body If You Stop Eating Meat


The debates on whether being vegetarian is beneficial or not have no end. While it won’t exactly harm your health and well-being if you choose to stick to a vegetarian diet, people still do have contrasting opinions about it.

Since humans are generally omnivorous and can survive on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets there is no need to debate on the moral aspects about which particular diet is better. But, there is no denying that your body will undergo certain changes when you give up eating meat completely. Not eating meat can bring about these 10 changes in your body.

1 Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

It was discovered long ago that cardiovascular diseases are linked to red meat. This was found out by American scientists who revealed that the carnitine present in red meat can trigger chemical reactions which have a huge negative impact on the heart. Switching to a vegetarian diet and not eating meat at all will help prevent the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In fact, vegetarians also are less prone to developing diabetes, diabetes, stomach and colorectal cancers.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

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2Increase in the number of protective bacteria in your gut

People who eat a vegetarian diet have a different gut flora in comparison to those who eat meat. According to data, it shows that there are more protective bacteria in the gut of people who only eat vegetables.


The gut flora, however, takes some time to reorganize and improve itself, when you switch over to eating a complete vegan diet. Initially, you might experience excessive flatulence and some bloating as your gut and pancreas adapts to your new plant-based diet. There will also be a subsequent enzyme deficiency.

Protective bacteria in your gut

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3Weight loss

Not eating meat or when you exclude meat from your diet, you stand to lose around 10 pounds of your total weight. For people who don’t eat meat, they don’t need to keep counting the number of calories they consume in a day, nor will they have to ramp up their workout program. Their vegetarian diet will be enough to maintain good body weight and cope with everything else perfectly.

Weight loss

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