15 Mistakes We All Make When We Eat Out


11Putting dirty silverware on the table

While dining out never place your dirty silverware on the table. Always keep it on your plate. Placing dirty silverware on the table will get the table cloth dirty and then it will have to be cleaned. This is something you won’t be held responsible for not doing but is shows proper eating etiquette. Also, you don’t know how clean that table or table cloth is.

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12Ordering something you’re unfamiliar with

The waiter or server at your table isn’t just there to bring your food and take the plates. They know everything on the menu and you can ask them about particular dishes that you’re unfamiliar with. There have been cases where customers were enraged when they ordered something new to them and it was not what they were expecting. Just talk to the waiter before ordering.


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13Asking other waiters to change your order

When you give your order you should not ask another waiter to modify your order. This could lead to miscommunication when your original waiter comes to the kitchen to take your order. You should always signal the waiter who took your order if you want to modify it.


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14Constantly calling the server

When you sit down at your table and your water or server arrives to take your order, tell them exactly what you want and need. Not just your dishes but also water, silverware, condiments, napkins, etc. Make sure you have everything so that you don’t have to constantly call them to bring you stuff. This will not only annoy them but it will also annoy you.


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15Eating before others

If you’re at a restaurant with your friends or family and your food comes out before theirs, it is a good thing to wait. We know the food is warm and smells delicious but you shouldn’t start eating while the others in your party are waiting. Eating together is not only a good dining etiquette but it also feels great.


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