15 Mistakes We All Make When We Eat Out


6Helping the waiters

No one is asking you to take your plates after you’re done to the back. What we mean by helping your waiter is to keep your table clear of obstruction when they come to take your plate. This allows them to take your plates quickly and for you to not have to smell the leftovers. You can also help them by informing them if a dish is not up to the mark.

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7Don’t feel shy

If you’re at a restaurant and you fancy a dish but would like to have it cooked in a different way or have it with a different sauce, then don’t feel shy to ask the waiter. People often feel shy to ask or make requests in a restaurant and just eat whatever is given to them. Ask the waiter if they can modify a dish for you and he will convey it to the chef.


8Ask for a doggy bag

A doggy bag is what they call the packages they give for the leftover food. Most people often feel shy to ask the waiter to pack their leftovers. This is not something you should feel ashamed about. You can easily ask the waiter to pack up the leftovers that you could not eat.


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9Bringing your own wine

You do get alcohol at restaurants but they are priced a bit higher. Some restaurants have a policy where you can bring your own brand of wine to have with your food. They often charge a small fee for this facility and the wine bottle that you brought will be brought in with your waiter and served to you as if it was the restaurant’s.


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10Don’t ask for things that are not on the menu

There have been few instances where people have asked for things that were not on the menu and got enraged when the restaurant refused to make it. This is a very wrong thing to do. Yes, the chef might have all the ingredients in the kitchen to make what you want but why should they? You can ask them to modify a dish they already make but not make a brand new one.


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