15 Mistakes We All Make When We Eat Out


Eating out, there could be two reasons for it. You are too lazy to make something or you want to have a good time. Regardless, the experience of eating at a restaurant is always fun. But, there are certain things we do at the restaurant which are wrong. We often do these things by accident as we did not know better.

Here, are a few mistakes most of us make when we eat out at restaurants and a few new things for you to learn and keep in mind the next time you head out.

1Not telling the server about your allergies

This is not for everyone; this only concerns those people who have food allergies. It is best to tell your waiter that you have a food allergy so that they can inform you if your ordered dish has any of the foods you are allergic too. There have been many cases where someone with a food allergy needed medical attention because they forgot to inform the staff about it.


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2Knowing how to use the soy sauce and ginger correctly

This is for those who eat at Japanese restaurants. Most people tend to dip their entire piece of food into the sauces provided. The art is to just dip the bottom so that the sauce does not overpower the food. Ginger is often provided but it is not to be used as a spice. It is provided to cleanse the pallete between dishes.


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3Thinking about national nuances

This one is for people traveling abroad. When you’re in a different country at a restaurant it is best to learn up beforehand about the culture. For example, in Japanese culture, you’re supposed to break apart your chopsticks parallel to the table. You should not break them apart while holding them vertically. No one is going to notice or say anything if done wrong but it is a good practice.


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4Giving bad reviews for no reason

It is in poor taste to insult a place that you did not like. If the food quality was bad then critique the place based on that. If the staff was ill-mannered then critique the place on that. Do not write bad reviews for a place just because of something you did not like. You should always remember that the review should be for the overall experience.


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5Insulting the staff

In most restaurants, the staff acts as a communication line between the customer and the chef. What the customer should always remember is that the staff can do not except pass on a message. There have been many cases where the customer was not satisfied with the food only to lash out at the staff. This is a very degrading act and should not be done in public.


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