6 Foods You Can Eat During Your Period, And 6 Foods You Should Avoid



According to research and studies, consuming caffeine during your periods might prolong its duration and in certain cases can result in amenorrhea which is the absence of menstruation. Caffeine also escalates premenstrual syndrome which is why you should avoid drinking coffee at all costs before or after your period, if you do happen to suffer from this condition.


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4Spicy foods

Spicy foods will only add on to the stress that you are already experiencing in your stomach due to your menstruation. But, choosing the right spices can help ease the turmoil going on within your body during this complex phase. Such spices include fresh chili which have useful anti-inflammatory effects, and saffron which can cure an ailing digestive system.

Spicy foods

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The 5 to 7 days in which you experience your menstrual cycle is the time in which you should avoid alcohol at all costs. Even if you have to go to a party or a get-together in which alcohol will be served, you need to stop yourself from drinking it. During your periods when you are continuously losing blood you might experience low blood pressure as well which can make you extra vulnerable to the side-effects of alcohol. Your body and mind will already be fatigued due to periods and consuming alcohol will only make things worse for you. Furthermore, alcohol can even increase the period flow which will result in you losing excess blood than you normally should.


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6Fried Foods

Fried foods are known to contain trans-fats and hydrogenated vegetable oil, all of which can significantly increase oestrogen levels and make your mood swings even worse than they already are. It would be much better to eat roasted snacks or crunchy veggies like cucumber sticks and carrots when you have strong food craving during this time of the month.

Fried Foods

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