6 Foods You Can Eat During Your Period, And 6 Foods You Should Avoid



Ginger is not only good for controlling inflammation but it will even help in reducing menstrual pain. Just, add some fresh ginger to your tea when you are having abdominal discomfort. Ginger tea will soothe the pain and relieve some of the discomfort.


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6Orange and lemons

To reduce your sugar cravings during your periods eat more fruits instead of gorging on chocolates, ice creams, and cookies. Fruits will increase your vitamin intake and supply your body with enough fiber and water which helps in keeping your body hydrated and regulating your digestion. Citrus fruits are best for alleviating nausea and other conditions related to menstruation which can be very unpleasant. Orange and lemons are particularly good for reducing the period flow if you happen to bleed heavily.

Orange and lemons

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Foods you should completely avoid while on your period


If you experience constant cramps and belly pain, then you need to avoid dairy products, especially milk since it contains lactose which is a specific type of sugar which not everyone can digest. Lactose is also responsible for bloating, nausea, and stomach pain which are the same things you experience when you’re on your periods. Needless to say, you don’t need anything which adds to it.


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2Snacks and candy

Snacks can contribute to bloating, inflammation, and gassiness since it contains vast amounts of refined sugar. Although your favorite snacks can help in improving your mood, your body is already going through enough trouble with the loss of blood and vital minerals. You don’t need to add to these problems by pumping artificial sugar into your system. It would be much better to get the natural kind of sugar which you obtain by eating fruits.

Snacks and candy

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