15 Foods That Can Harm You If Eaten Incorrectly


Every food group requires a certain level of preparation before they are safe to consume. You might be thinking we’re talking about seafood and shellfish as they are the ones that require the most preparation before being ready to consume. Even everyday foods like milk, eggs, coffee that are consumed by the whole world on a regular basis have a proper way to be eaten.

If you do not consume these foods in the way they were meant to be consumed, you will fall sick and in the worst-case scenario it could even be fatal.


Honey is known for its many health benefits. But honey is safe for human consumption only after it has been processed. Raw honey is full of toxins and is unsafe for consumption. Even a single teaspoon of unpasteurized honey can cause severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. This is why honey is not given to small children as they cannot process it.


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Coffee is known for containing high amounts of anti-oxidants. It enhances memory and reduces liver problems and risk of diabetes. However, consuming too much coffee supplies too much caffeine to the body. Excess caffeine disturbs the nervous system and can cause insomnia, irritability, stomach cramps, heart palpitations, and muscle tremors. Restrict yourself to consuming 400 mg of coffee a day.


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Raw cashews are harmful to health. You may think that all cashew is raw because they look white and unroasted but the cashew sold in stores is actually steamed to remove a chemical called urushiol, which is also found in poison ivy. Many people are extremely sensitive to poison ivy and eating raw cashews will be fatal. Even if you aren’t sensitive to poison ivy, eating raw cashews will send you to the hospital.


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4Brazil nuts

Selenium is a chemical that is found in Brazil nuts. In fact, Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium as each nut can include 60 to 95 micrograms of selenium. For a normal adult, it is only safe to consume 50-70 micrograms of selenium every day. If you exceed this limit, you can experience an overdose which will cause digestion problems, fatigue, memory loss, and hair loss.

Brazil nuts

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Elderberry is often used in jams, teas, and wine. However, this plant is not entirely safe. Its seeds and leaves are actually poisonous. They contain high amounts of glycoside, a compound which produces cyanide. The toxic substances can be removed by cooking them properly. If they are consumed while unripe or without being cooked properly, it will cause nausea, possibly induce a coma and may even cause death.


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