12 Foods That Might Have a Strange Impact on Your Psyche


Eating healthy food has now become more of a trend rather than a lifestyle.  When we read the ingredients of the products available in the grocery stores, we can surely see which ingredient is harmful and which one is helpful. Since many foods contain varieties of chemicals whose existence isn’t known to everyone, scientific studies haven’t been able to totally prove what is beneficial for our health and what isn’t. There are some foods which we don’t even have an idea about which impact our bodies in very different ways. This article will provide you a list of foods which can have positive and negative effects on your psyche.

1Peeled rice-Negative

Fast carbohydrates are present in peeled rice. This makes your blood absorb the glucose molecules at a faster rate. The change in sugar level can cause a negative effect on your nervous system and brain health. Moreover, excessive rice eating pumps more carbs into your system and increases blood sugar thereby putting you at risk of diabetes.

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 The functioning of your nervous system will improve as popcorn contains phosphorus, gold iron, protein, magnesium and silicon. It even contains Vitamin B that’s battles against stress and depression. Air-popped plain popcorn is a healthy whole grain snack low in calories and high in fiber.

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High amount of mercury is present in Tuna; this can cause many problems in your memory. A synthetic chemical called polychlorinated biphenyl disrupts the functioning of the nervous system and also affects hormones.

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As surprising as it sounds, lard in some ways can be beneficial for health. A rare arachidonic acid is present in Lard which helps the body to function normally and is found in the tissues of the body. Alzheimer’s disease can also be fought with its help. However, since lard is also fat, it should be moderately consumed r after consulting a doctor.

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