14 Foods From Four food Groups That Can Get Rid Of Joint Pain


Joint pain can be really excruciatingly debilitating and disruptive for our daily lives. It could be age ridden arthritis, rheumatism or even caused due to an accident or sports injury. Whatever be the cause the effects are equally dubious for all. Unfortunately, no cure has come out to completely heal our ailing comrades yet but there are certain food or diet ingredients which can lessen the pain and slowly take our body on the path of recovery. Here are 14 foods from 4 food groups good for joint pain.

1Fruits: Grapes

Fruits are a prime source of vitamins that boosts our immunity and decrease the risk of disease too. Now amidst the variety of fruits that we can choose from, grapes are excellent for health. This is because they contain proanthocynidin. It’s a plant compound which helps in reducing inflammation and pain in our joints.

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2Citrus fruits and cherries

Similarly, Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are rich in vitamin C which actively prevents arthritis and joint pains. Finally comes the cherries especially the tart ones, which have great medicinal value for ladies. Studies have actually shown that women made to drink cherry juice for 3 weeks marked significant reduction in inflammation and pain in their joints. Cherries are formidable against osteoarthritis.

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It has always been ingrained in our psyches by our school teachers and parents and even our grandparents that we must eat a lot of veggies especially green leafy ones. Well, they were correct. Spinach, for example, was made iconic by the cartoon character Popeye the sailor but it did push the point across which was the advantages of eating them. Spinach is rich in a compound named Kaempferol which has been medically proven to reduce inflammation, pain and retards the progression of osteoarthritis. Plus, it tastes good and rich of anti-oxidants.

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Then comes the controversial broccoli which is universally hated by kids all across the globe (and some adults as well) but it has great ability to reduce the pain and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis because it contains sulforaphane.

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