10 Amazing Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Kitchen Routine A Better One


There are many who love cooking and playing MasterChef in their kitchen but how many like experimenting for a more dramatic outcome. More than you know, little experiments and kitchen hacks can make your time in the kitchen a happier and exciting one. There are many home cooks who keep sharing their secrets and we managed to find some really exceptional ones for you. For example, many boil eggs beginning with cold water but have you considered waiting for the water to boil first? There is even a great way to spice up your coffee, but more on that later. Check out these 10 neat kitchen hacks that will make your day

1How to peel boiled eggs easily

Boiling eggs is no big deal, who doesn’t know how to do so. But then, what happens when it is peeling time? Don’t you find it difficult to peel boiled eggs? What if we told you how to make that easier? Instead of starting the process of dropping eggs in cold water and putting them up to boil, just start boiling the water first. Then drop the eggs into the boiling water, wait for those few minutes till cooked and then place the eggs in an ice bath. You will find you can peel them easier.

How to peel boiled eggs easily

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn


2How to use chopsticks to cut a potato and make it look like an accordion

Every cooking enthusiast would love cutting potatoes like an accordion but its not easy. Just take two wooden chopsticks and now place the potato between them. Just start chopping it, you’ll find the chopsticks prevents the potato being cut all the way through. In this way, your baked potatoes will have a more MasterChef look.

How to use chopsticks

image Source: brightside.me


3Here’s how to make some orange coffee

Who doesn’t like their coffee the first thing in the morning? But did you ever consider deviating from the same old flavor to make something unique tasting and new? You will need one orange. Now scoop out the inside pulp of the orange to make the peel look like a cup, don’t break the peel. Now in the peel cup, place a spoon of ground coffee or your favorite brand and add hot water. Wait for a while for the coffee to brew and voila! You have yummy orange flavored coffee, just like earl grey tea.

how to make some orange coffee

Image Source: vtcnew.com.vn


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