10 Simple Yoga Asanas That Are Especially Good for Women’s Health



The opening is an asana helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, preventing cellulite, getting rid of spasms in the groin, stimulating the blood circulation in the pelvis, making the back stronger, and improving the function of the ovaries.


  • Sit down with your back straight and spread your legs as wide as you can.
  • Lift your hands up while breathing in.
  • While breathing out, lean forward as much as you can without rounding your back. It would be better to only lean in as much as you can while keeping a straight back.

Duration: 1 minute, 8-10 times.


Image Source: milayaya.ru


9Downward facing hero-pose

By performing the downward facing hero-pose you can relax your lower back and neck. It is one of the simple yoga asanas which stimulates and improves blood circulation in the small pelvis area.


  • Sit on your yoga mat making sure your pelvis is on your heels.
  • Keep your feet together and spread your knees to the sides.
  • Lean forward with your chest and stretch your hands forward for as far as you can.
  • Touch the floor with your forehead and hold this position.

Duration: 1 minute.

Downward facing hero-pose

Image Source: dama.bg



Relaxation is one of the most important simple yoga asanas which relaxes the muscles with some slow stretching of the lower back and inner hips. It has a positive influence on your mood, stimulates the blood circulation in the small pelvis, and improves the circulation of the lymphatic fluid.



  • Lie on your back and if necessary then place a small pillow or comforter under your head.
  • Pull your feet together and bend your knees close to your pelvis.
  • Spread your knees to the sides and put your feet together.
  • Put your hands by your sides and completely relax while breathing in and out.

Duration: 3 minutes.


Image Source: zingnews.vn


You don’t require any special preparation to perform these exercises. You just need a small space anywhere either inside your house or outdoors.


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