14 Of the World’s Most Expensive Wrist Watches That You Can Still Buy


9Breguet Classique Hora Mundi men’s watch, $93,410

This Breguet Classique is a striking beauty that sports an alligator strap, classy Roman numerals, sapphire crystal glass, a mother of pearl dial and a platinum case. It also depicts the African, Asian and European continents and features an off-center chapter ring at the 6 o clock position, this beauty costs $93,410.

Image Source: therichest.com

8Bovet Amadeo Fleurier ladies watch, $99,381

This is no ordinary watch. This is a typical Bovet timepiece with a handcrafted dial and even painted by hand to ooze sophistication and style. It has a huge power reserve of 72 hours, is made in 18ct gold, an alligator strap and a bezel encrusted with diamonds. The luxurious watch costs a whopping $99,831.


Image Source: worldtempus.com

7Patek Philippe grand complication watch, $1,06,327

One cannot get any grander where sophistication is concerned when it concerns watches because the name itself is synonymous with luxury in timepieces. This beautiful Patek Phillipe piece indicates moon phases as well as weeks, dates and month. It has a remarkable design showcasing its skilled craftsmanship and cost a massive $1, 06, 327.


Image Source: www.jomashop.com

6Patek Philippe Gondolo Watch

This is the Gondolo collection from Patek Phillipe that is considered one of the best examples of its iconic timepieces. Its art deco is the moan feature increasing its sophistication quotient with the signature rectangle shape. The 39mm case is crafted using 18ct white gold and dial encrusted with 367 diamonds with hour indicators made in gold. The watch cost a steep $1, 07,095.


Image Source: therichestimages.com

5Chopard L.U.C All-in-One ‘Janus Watch’ – £374,000

Now we come to the rare and really expensive watches that are individual icons in their own right. Chopard is, of course, one of the greatest award-winning brands and this was their master showpiece for 2018. The dual dial timepiece draws inspiration from the Roman God Janus who is known for his two faces. It has a perpetual calendar with astronomy readings and a tourbillion which is a complicated rotating mechanical system that is very difficult to make. The watch is priced at a hefty 374,000 British pounds.


Image Source: hearstapps.com


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