12 Strange Tips That Can Help You Look More Beautiful


9Use lip balm instead of a highlighter

Girls often choose to use other types of cosmetics instead of hurrying to buy a highlighter. Other products which are capable for the task and can be used efficiently is shimmer shadows that can work just as efficiently. Lip balm is another ubiquitous make-up box resident which can be useful. The only disadvantage though is the stickiness.

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10Use dishwashing sponges for perfect curls

You can achieve luxurious curls without resorting to curling irons that can damage your hair. A dishwashing sponge is all you require. Your hair should be divided into strands and around the middle of the sponge, wrap each strand. The sponge should be folded in half and use a rubber band to secure it. Now go to bed. The next morning you would feel a surprise at the appearance of your hair.

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11Use potato slices to whiten your armpits

Many women have a problem concerned with the darkening of their underarms. Potatoes can be helpful in this situation. Cut thin slices of potato and rub your armpits with these slices. You can even grate the potato and then apply the resulting juice.

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12Use mayonnaise instead of a hair conditioner

Mayonnaise is used by a conditioner by actress Blake Lively to make her hair look luxurious. Oil is mixed with it and then she applies the solution on her hair and then washes it off after waiting for a while. People are anxious to follow this method, home -made mayonnaise are usually advised by experts as the shop-sold mayonnaise contain different chemicals.

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