12 Strange Tips That Can Help You Look More Beautiful


There is a lot of advice available on the internet on how to move closer to becoming more attractive and to attain that stellar appearance which you imagined and always wanted. Although, not all of them seem to be productive and provide you the results you need, there are others which are very helpful.  This article has come up with some good research to provide you with some surprising life hacks that will help you to attain those results. The key to looking  good and getting the best results is being true to a given routine that you would need to do as prescribed or daily as per the requirement.

1Beer for healthy hair

The useful components present in beer are hops, malt and brewer yeast. These components contain a rich amount of minerals and vitamins which can provide sufficient nourishment to the hair. Beer can be used as a good rinsing conditioner. Beer should be diluted with water in ratio 1:1 and with the resulting solution, rinse your hair with it after washing. To avoid tone change, Blondes should use light beers. Beer can also be used as a foundation for hair masks preparation.

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2Use baby powder to create a false eyelashes effect

First coat your eyelashes with one layer of mascara, then apply baby powder on your eyelashes with the help of a Q-tip. On your eyelashes, apply another level of mascara. This will provide an effect of false eyelashes and it will be simple and inexpensive.

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3Use concealer to create a new lip outline

If your lip outline is naturally blurred or they seem too narrow to apply any dark lipstick, do not worry. This situation can be rectified with the help of a concealer. You can erase the natural contours of your lip by tracing them with the concealer and then apply some shading. When the concealer dries, draw a new lip contour with the help of a bright pencil by slightly overstepping the natural shape. Avoid trying to make your lips appear too large.

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4Use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth

In a glass add 5 drops of water and then add a tablet of activated charcoal. The resulting paste should be kneaded so that lumps will not form. Then, on your toothbrush, apply some of this paste and then brush your teeth. Just twice in a month should be ok for this treatment to yield best results. It is possible that you may experience extra sensitivity, if you do it on a frequent basis so avoid doing so.

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