10 Things That Can Happen to Your Face If You Avoid Wearing Makeup


8You can look much younger with minimal effort

According to some studies, it has been revealed that make middle-aged women wearing makeup look younger while younger women with their face covered with makeup look older than they are. Teenage girls often wear makeup to make themselves look older than their friends. Often, women tend to associate makeup-use with adulthood which is why other people subconsciously think that they look older than they actually are.

You can look much younger with minimal effort

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9Being barefaced makes your brain stop thinking that you are a stranger

Kanebo Cosmetics in cooperation with scientists conducted a research in which it was found that women tend to feel like they will be composing the face of a different person in the moments just before putting on makeup. However, once she is done applying makeup, she feels that her newly made-up face is her own. It is suggested that a woman looks at her made-up face as the representation of her true-self and she would like to present this appearance of hers before other people.

Being barefaced makes your brain stop thinking

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10You no longer have to be worried about ruining your makeup and can behave naturally

It’s natural to sweat profusely if it is too hot outside or if you are doing some activity during the day. But, when your face is covered in makeup, it can become rather challenging to keep everything in place throughout the day. When you don’t wear any makeup at all, you can simply wipe the sweat off your face or brow without ever having to worry about smudging or ruining your makeup.

You no longer have to be worried

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Not wearing makeup doesn’t only benefit your skin and mentality but also relieves your wallet as you won’t have the added expense of buying non-comedogenic products.


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