10 Things That Can Happen to Your Face If You Avoid Wearing Makeup


4You won’t suffer from breakouts

Despite being extremely careful, germs and bacteria always find their way into your makeup. Regardless of whether you use your hands, brushes, or sponges to apply your makeup, there is always the chance that there are germs present in them. Cleaning them regularly is still not enough unless you sanitize them every time after using them.

Occasionally you may unknowingly even use makeup products that might have already expired. This will surely have side-effects on your skin causing inflammation which lead to breakouts. But, trying to cover this up with even more makeup will make it worse as it will only lead to further skin irritation.

Rash-acne on skin

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5You appear more friendly in your natural look

An assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School named Nancy Etcoff had claimed that people find a face without makeup more trustworthy than those who look like they have on a dramatic cosmetic mask. When it comes to winning trust and having cordial relationships with others, makeup can prove to be a big disadvantage.

You appear more friendly in your natural look

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6Your skin develops resistance against sun damage

There are ingredients in certain makeup products which can make the top layer of your skin dry and flaky. Retinol is one such ingredient which has been recommended to be applied at night to avoid the risk of sun damage to the skin.

Hydroquinone is yet another ingredient which is usually contained in facial serums for the purpose of making the skin tone more even. But, this only makes the skin vulnerable to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Instead of applying these kinds of cosmetic products, it is advised to remain barefaced and apply a good SPF-protection skincare product.

Skin develops resistance against sun damage

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7It’s not only easy but even cheaper to maintain good quality skin

Both cheap and expensive makeup and other beauty products will always clog your pores and damage your skin. Clogged pores can lead to all sorts of skin problems which may then require you to visit a dermatologist for treatment. Keeping your use of makeup minimal, like for only certain occasions won’t result in any skin problems. At most, you will only need a facial cleanser and water.

Maintain good quality skin

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