10 Things That Can Happen to Your Face If You Avoid Wearing Makeup


Women put in a lot of effort to make themselves perfect with makeup. While striving for perfection is a good thing, applying a thick layer of concealer over your unique features can be a bit excessive. Women nowadays are so obsessed with looking perfect for their photos and social media stories that they allow makeup to control their thinking.

It can’t be any good if it starts affecting your mental health right? What if you stop wearing makeup? In fact, not putting on makeup does have certain benefits for your mental health. This is how the absence of makeup improves your skin, personality and other aspects of your life:

1 Your skin will be free from irritation

Your skin will become much clearer, brighter and healthier once you stop wearing makeup. Makeup tends to clog your pores and might even have germs present. Compounds like sulfates, parabens, and other metals which are common in almost every cosmetic and beauty product, cause skin reactions in the form of irritation and allergies. By not wearing makeup you won’t have to deal with anymore dry patches, blemishes, and skin irritations or allergies.

Acne on face

Image Source: kurio.network

2Your self-confidence increases

As per psychologists, makeup doesn’t actually boost your self-esteem. You feel confident and better about yourself after wearing makeup not because you are wearing it, but because you believe you appear much better-looking to other people. This gives you a false sense of security. You may feel more confident only while wearing your concealer and lipstick, but this effect is only temporary.

Your self-confidence increases

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3People start looking at the real you for who you are and not what you have on your face

Some women have revealed that they have been treated differently by people when they wore makeup in contrast to when they didn’t. They explained that people would initially have the impression of them being man-stealers or horribly catty. But, when they got to know their true personality later, they were actually surprised. A nude face can help stop these judgments based on your outer appearance when they see you in your natural look.

Natural face without makeup

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