Why Are Kind People Always Ready To Help Others? Their True Intentions Revealed


11What is F.O.G?

The fear of losing a friend or being called a bad person is used to break through a person’s emotional defenses. Incidents of obligation are then brought up to make them feel like they need to do more for the manipulator. And finally, guilt arrives when you shame them for not living up to your expectations.

What is F.O.G?

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12How to avoid being manipulated

Understand the situation is a key factor to know when you’re being manipulated. If you understand your situation you will naturally know when someone is telling the truth vs. when someone is guilt-tripping you into being manipulated by them. We often mistake the two and fall for someone’s manipulation.

How to avoid being manipulated

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13Talk about what you feel

If you feel like someone is manipulating you into doing what they want you to do then talk to them openly. Make it clear that you see the signs of being manipulated and you will not stand for it anymore. Find out why they’re doing it and what their endgame is.

Talk about what you feel

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14Respect other’s sacrifices

Our parents make sacrifices as well as our partners. Sometimes our friends will do the same for us but we need to respect this. You can’t always say that you didn’t ask them to do it. This is only valid for when you’re being manipulated but when someone you know loves you and did everything they could for your comfort, you need to learn to respect that.

Respect other’s sacrifices

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15Sacrifices are selfless

Making a sacrifice for someone is when you willingly deprive yourself of something to do something else for someone. This should be an act of love. There should not be any ulterior motives behind this act. You cannot call it a sacrifice if you note it down just to throw it at someone later on in life.

Sacrifices are selfless

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