Why Are Kind People Always Ready To Help Others? Their True Intentions Revealed


There are two kinds of people in the world, good and bad. Good people will try to help you as much as they can while the bad ones will try to make gains from you. The bad ones love to manipulate people in order for them to do what they want.

Good people make sacrifices for you because they want to and have no ulterior motive to it while bad people, on the other hand, have reasons to do so. They do it so that they can have leverage over you later in life when they need your help and you will not be able to refuse it.

1Good people vs. manipulative people

There are good people in this world and there are manipulative people. The good are there to help others while living a happy and honest life while the manipulative are there to enjoy a comfortable life while making others do what they want or need. The problem in knowing the difference between the two is that even manipulative people have to be good or act good to gain your trust.

Good people vs. manipulative people

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2The words they use

You must have heard these words like “I spent my best years on you” or “I invested a lot of money in you”, “I don’t sleep because of you at night”. Believe it or not but these are manipulative words used to guilt-trip people into doing what the other wants. When you hear words like this you feel like you owe the other person something.

The words they use

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3The exceptional cases

Now there are some exceptional cases where these words and phrases are not used to manipulate you but instead make you realize how much someone has done for you in the past. In those cases, these are just words to remind you to not be ungrateful but in most cases, these words are to manipulate you.

The exceptional cases

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4Your reaction to those statements

When someone reminds you of the things they’ve done for you, there could be two possible reasons. The first is because you were acting ungrateful and it hurt them. The second reason is that they want you to feel indebted to them. This way you will feel guilty for what they did for you and you will naturally be ready to help or do as they ask.

Your reaction to those statements

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5The aim of these sentences

All these sentences areused to provoke a feeling of guilt inside you because someone ‘sacrificed’ their comforts for you and now you should return the favor. This is manipulation at its core. They will even talk about things they did for you that you never asked for implying that they were thinking about your future.

The aim of these sentences

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