16 Incredible Unknown Facts About Historical Figures To Blow Your Mind


The history books are filled with incredible unknown details about famous figures, places, and events. It takes time to comb over all the facts written down about the events, places, and people who lived.

Every day, historians are combing through pages and discovering new things about the people who lived and events that happened. These shed new light on the way we see historical figures, places, and events. These new facts help us look at our history in a new way. We know people love learning new facts and that’s why we compiled a list of facts about historical figures you did not know about.

1Gladiators had action figures

Today we have action figures for all our favorite superheroes and movie characters but did you know that Roman gladiators had their own action figures too? During the time of gladiators, they were the celebrities behind the politicians. Crowds would cheer and love them while they engaged in their blood sport and toys of them were made for children to play with.

Gladiators had action figures

Image Source: www.ancient.eu

2Servants covered in honey

Ancient Egyptians did not have the bug sprays we have today so to keep the pests away they would cover their servants in honey in hopes that they would attract all the insects away from the pharaohs. This idea would work to an extent and was widely used by many ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Servants covered in honey

Image Source: pinimg.com

3George Washington the walnut crusher

Most people do not know this but the first President of America was a very strong man. According to Carl Closs who was his biographer, George Washington could crush walnuts between his thumb and forefinger. If you still don’t understand how strong that makes him you can try doing it yourself.

George Washington the walnut crusher

Image Source: everydaypower.com

4Albert Einstein could’ve been the President of Israel

He was not an Israeli citizen but upon the death of Chaim Weizmann who was the first president of Israel, Einstein was offered the position of President of Israel. The post was offered to Einstein by Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Abba Eban. Unfortunately, Einstein declined the post and wrote a letter saying he was ‘deeply moved and touched by the offer’.

Albert Einstein could’ve been the President of Israel

Image Source: newscientist.com

5Olympics used to award art

Between 1912 to 1948 there were fine arts competitions held in the Olympic Games. These included architecture, music, literature and sculpture. The only drawback was everything had to be themed according to the Olympics. This was a way to honor the Greeks’ love of art and bring it to a new generation.

Olympics used to award art

Image Source: www.skolskiportal.rs


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