10 Unique Bodily Features That Can Be Found In Just 5% of People in the World


Everyone is unique and different in their own special way and that includes our bodies too. But as crazy as it seems, there are many people around the world who possess different physical attributes or even gene mutations that make them rare specimens and totally different than those with the normal bodily characteristics and physiological traits. Take a look at 10 such types of people in this world who have physical features that would be considered rare in the planet.

1Incredibly dense bones

Yes there are some people with very dense bones. This is because of the mutation of a particular gene that has been studied by scientists which is LRP5 also responsible for the mineralization of bones.  Mutations were discovered that cause disease leading to bone fragility.

Incredibly dense bones

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The disadvantages

This wasn’t all. Scientists also found another type of mutation of LRP5 which causes dense bones in people.  Such bones are also difficult to break. It also retards the aging process in skin making the skin less prone to aging. That of course will sound amazing to anyone but it also has its disadvantages.  If in old age such people may need joint replacement, their dense bones may not allow doctors to help as it would be a problem.

The disadvantages

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2“Golden” blood

Golden blood isn’t actually made of gold in the literal sense but what’s unique about it is its feature that doesn’t contain antigens. This rare phenomenon was discovered in 1961 and till date only about forty people are known to be afflicted with the condition that has Rh-null blood.

Among the forty who have this type of blood feature, 9 are even regular and very valuable blood donors simply because anyone can receive this type of blood. This is indeed an important and valuable feature because it has potential to save several lives.

"Golden" blood

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3This muscle is the “legacy” of our ancestors who used to climb trees.

If you want to check whether you have this characteristic, then place your hand palm facing upwards on a table or flat surface. Now try to touch your little finger and thumb together by slightly lifting them. If you notice a ligament raised on your wrist, then it means you have the palmar muscle but of you don’t then it doesn’t matter because the muscle is of no use to people.

This muscle is the "legacy" of our ancestors who used to climb trees.

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