15 Tricks The Media Uses To Manipulate Our Minds And Opinions


11Hiding the truth

This is done not just with images but also context and articles. They only publish what will get a reaction from the audience. They do not care about the whole story or the truth. All they care about is sales and that is why they present us with half-truths. This will always prevent you from understanding what really happened and will prevent you from making informed decisions.

Hiding the truth

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12Playing with our mindset

The media knows that fake news can spread up to six times faster than the truth or real news. One thing you will notice is how every news program starts out with ‘Good Morning/Evening’ but then proceeds to explain why it isn’t. This affects our mindset and makes us believe that everything around the world is only negative. This makes us develop a negative mindset.

Playing with our mindset

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13How to avoid this?

There is no way to avoid developing a negative mindset created by the media. There are so many news channels these days that it is hard to tell which are good and which are bad. The bad ones spread lies and most believe them to be the real source of information. The best advice we can give is to never come to a conclusion based only on one source of information.

How to avoid this

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14Planting seeds that grow over time

There is something in the media called the ‘sleeper effect’. In this what happens is a piece of information will be provided but soon after that source will be discredited and a few days later the listener will start to believe the original source regardless of being discredited. This is how some website and news outlets spread their lies.

Planting seeds that grow over time

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15Making fake relationships

Have you ever watched a TV talk show interview and felt close to the celebrity or famous person that was on there? This is how the media uses celebrities or famous people to influence us. Believe it or not but the effect is very powerful and many people fall for this trick. This has been used for positive as well as negative purposes.

Making fake relationships

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16The proof of this

The “Angelina Jolie” was a term coined when 15 days after the famous actress spoke about having done a mastectomy the number of females who took the test to detect the BRCA genes shot up to 64%. Another shining example of this was in 1987 when a photograph was taken of Princess Diana holding an HIV positive child without gloves which helped break the belief that the virus could be transmitted by touch.

The proof of this

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