15 Tricks The Media Uses To Manipulate Our Minds And Opinions


6Playing with our judgment

This is what they call the ‘third-person effect’ and basically what this does is it makes you feel superior to people who can get influenced easily without knowing that you yourself are being influenced. They know that many people have a response in their head where they think that everyone but them falls victim to propaganda.

Playing with our judgment

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7They know how the human mind works

The media knows for a fact that people think highly of themselves when they compare themselves to others. They know that people will always justify their own actions by the situation they’re in but when it comes to others, they will blame them as bad people for performing the same actions.

They know how the human mind works

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8They know what you want to see

The media knows what we want to see. They know the basic human fact is that we will see only what we want to see. They know for a fact that our brain will only let us see what meets our expectations and ideas. They know that there are people who will refuse to accept hard facts because it goes against what they were taught or believe in.

They know what you want to see

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9Accepting only what we know

Have you noticed how we always go back to the same YouTube channel or TV show even after years have passed? We like things that make us feel better. This is why news stories are so easily believable as they play on that part of our mind. They comply with our opinion and that is how we digest them so easily. If you hate something you will ignore the positives about it and if you love it you will ignore the flaws.

Accepting only what we know

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10They show us only half-truths

They know exactly which image will spark which reaction. They know how to make us think we’re looking at something completely different by cropping images. They can capture an image during an event and cut out the piece they want us to see. They know showing us the entire image will not get the response they need so they only show us what will get a response from us.

They show us only half-truths

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