15 Tricks The Media Uses To Manipulate Our Minds And Opinions


Do you think that all your opinions are yours? Do you think you have control over your thoughts? Believe it or not but the media and news have ways that they use to manipulate your opinion. It sounds unbelievable but they have secret ways and words that they use to control how you think.

The media is fully aware of how the human mind works. This means that they know exactly what to say to trigger a response from us. They know how to make us feel sad or emotional about a story that they told us while hiding specific facts about the story without our knowledge.

1How they frame it

The most important thing the media needs to keep in mind is how they frame a sentence. Frame it well and they will get what they want, frame it badly and they will suffer the consequences. With all the information the media has about a particular topic they need to frame it properly and mark who the hero is and who the villain is.

How they frame it

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2They manipulate how we judge

As we said, the media has the entire context but they pick and choose what to present to us. They know exactly what will win our hearts and what will not. They know framing is key and decide what needs to be left out. They know for a fact that by changing the narrative you can change the reader’s perception.

They manipulate how we judge

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3They pick correct words

They know exactly what words people are looking for when they read an article. They know that people will look for the word “overpayment” rather than “discount”.  They know what words will trigger what response in our minds whether we want it or not. By this method, they can paint whatever picture they like and we will see only what they want.

They pick correct words

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4A victim we can identify with

Every minute something tragic happens somewhere in the world but do you hear about it? No, you hear about one story relating to one man or family. This is done because you can relate to it.  If they run a new story about people dying in another country you might feel sad but if they run a story of an average man who lost his family, this will ruin your day and hit you where it hurts because you can identify with the victim.

A victim we can identify with

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5One over many

In the media there is one well-known quote: “The death of one person is a tragedy and a million deaths is statistics.” This is the rule they use to manipulate how you think. They know that one person’s tragedy is more persuasive than data about deaths. They know how to get an emotional response from the viewers so they show the case of one missing child but not the deaths of a thousand.

One over many

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