16 Things Westerners Think Is Weird About Japan


Books, movies and even comics have taught us a lot about Japan but things are a bit different there when you actually live there. Like any normal country, they have their own set of rules and traditions they follow that outsiders might find weird.

From their strict need to follow their centuries-old traditions to resting the need for rest, there are many things in Japan anyone who visits the country will find strange. The country is massive and oozing with life and among the rush and chaos, there are things we never hear about in movies and TV shows.

1Japan is all about following rules

Japan is steeped in its age-old traditions and some practices still reflect them. For instance, one should never stick chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice or any other food. This is associated with deceased people and is disrespectful. Another similar practice is to not wear shoes at home. They believe that only the dead should wear shoes at home.


Image Source: www.japanfokus.se

2Renting policies are very strict

One of the reasons why so many people end up homeless is because Japanese landlords are very strict. If an apartment is for one person, some may not allow a spouse to live in it. People have to pay twice the rent to keep pets that is if the landlord even allows it.


Image Source: gnst.jp

3Some more problems

In university areas, landlords may not allow students to practice playing musical instruments. Landlords hardly trust foreigners and are reluctant to lease them even if they have secure jobs or have been in the country for several years. In some cases, apartments are only leased to women! Overall, living in Japan is really quite expensive.


Image Source: citynomads.com

4Homeless people live in cardboard houses

Several countries in the world have to deal with homelessness. However, in most countries, homeless people live in a rather disorganized and clumsy way. This is not the case for Japan, where homeless people live in houses made out of cardboard boxes. These houses are actually quite comfortable and definitely better than living on the streets.


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