10 Things Every Parent Should Let Go Of To Develop and Raise a Mature Child


5You can teach your child self-discipline.

Your children should learn to lead a disciplined and regulated life not because their parents are always breathing upon their necks but rather on their own as they understand it is good for them and is self-rewarding.

You can teach your child self-discipline.

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6Self discipline and a bit of routine is good

They need to know the necessary things apart from school work, like house chores, self-hygiene, making their beds and folding up their clothes and putting them in the closet along with their toys etc. All you need to do is keep giving them a gentle reminder from time to time about their duties.

Self discipline and a bit of routine is good

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7Let your child answer.

The child should always be encouraged to speak for themselves and be confident when answering questions asked by adults in school or otherwise. Do not answer on their behalf as they feel shy and closed off and feel they might say something wrong. This might make them feel they are not fit enough to have a conversation with adults and close off. On the other hand, if they are free to speak up, they will be confident and develop good communication and intellectual skills.

Let your child answer.

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8You can explain cause and effect to your child.

When your child makes a mistake, do not start the blame game and punishing instantly. You must explain to the kid what they have actually done wrong and how it could have hurt them or others. This way they will truly understand his folly and perhaps never repeat it and be extra careful by themselves. Instead of staying out of trouble because they us scared of you will just make them liars and good at covering their mistakes rather than bravely owning it.

You can explain cause and effect to your child.

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