10 Solid Ways to Reduce Stomach Bloating


7Avoid sugary alcohols

There is sugary alcohol in almost all sugar-free foods and even chewing gum for the purpose of sweetening these foods. While in most cases, they are safe, they, however, might cause stomach problems like bloating because they get digested by the bacteria in the lower reaches of your stomach which produces gas in the process. It is advisable to try natural sweeteners like stevia or fruit rather than eating processed desserts and sweets.

Belly massage

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8Belly massage

If by chance you have overeaten and experience bloating or gas, then it is advisable to lay down and massage your stomach in a top to bottom direction. This will make the food move lower down into the digestive tract to relive the pressure, tightness and bloating. This technique will be the best for you.

Do yoga

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9Do yoga

Yoga is an excellent remedy for bloating and other digestive problems like gastric. The problem with many is to immediately take medication for bloating. If it isn’t some underlying cause or a frequent problem, then trying alternate and safer remedies will help. Yoga is one such thing that can help a lot of bloating and acid reflux. Just 15 minutes of yoga and even a stationary pose after dinner can help with digestion.


There are various easy yoga poses that relive the tightness in the belly and help the food move lower down the digestive tract. Yoga also improves digestion and provides relief from reflux. It stimulates organs and relives stomach stress that can also cause bloating.

Mindful eating

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10Hydrate your body

Don’t forget to stay well hydrated because water also helps to prevent bloating by neutralizing ghe acid causing gastric reflux. Water is a good solution for several stomach issues like bloating and you should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily which does not include other liquids that you my drink.

Hydrate your body

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