13 Relieving Pieces of Information for Those Constantly Worried Of Getting Cancer


930% to 50 % of cancers can be prevented.

Medical advancements have done a lot to bring some cancers under control. According to the World Health Organization, 30% – 50% of cancers can easily be prevented by just making changes in lifestyle and opting for a healthier one.  Here are WHO recommendations on how to prevent and protect yourself against cancer.

30% to 50 % of cancers can be prevented.

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10Don’t smoke.

Not only should you not smoke but you shouldn’t allow people to smoke in your house. Smoking is one of the largest causes of lung cancer and even oral cancer to some extent. When you smoke at home you also put your family members at risk through passive smoking.

Don’t smoke.

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11Control your weight.

One of the biggest reasons for being unhealthy and putting yourself at risk of cancer is the wrong lifestyle choices that lead to obesity and weight gain. Eat whole wheat foods, eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits should be eaten fresh not as in sugary fruit juices. Avoid high calorie foods, sugar, red meat, and processed snacks and foods with excess salt.

Control your weight.

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Man wasn’t made to be a sedentary being. Activity and exercise improves and increases circulation in your body that constantly oxygenates your body, its tissues, cells and organs helping them stay in optimum function. Get at least 40 minutes to an hour of exercise each day. You don’t need to go to a gym; you can exercise at home or outdoors too.


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13Other ways to prevent cancer

There are many ways to prevent cancer if you look at it. There are abundant exotic fruits and vegetables easily available now that provide valuable nutrients and antioxidants to fight cancer. Here are some more things you can do,

  • Avoid or reduce your alcohol
  • Avoid being exposed to UV-light.
  • Avoid contact with carcinogenic substances at work
  • Always maintain health safety instructions and rules at work
  • Check your house for radiation
  • Vaccinate your children.
  • Women should breastfeed children if they can.
  • Limit hormone replacement therapy.
Other ways to prevent cancer

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