13 Relieving Pieces of Information for Those Constantly Worried Of Getting Cancer


5A painful bump is very unlikely to be cancerous.

The thing with cancerous tumors is that they are painless. If you notice a bump on your skin or even under it, then it doesn’t mean it is cancer. It could be a bad infection though that warrants medical attention and so make sure you see a doctor.

A painful bump is very unlikely to be cancerous

Image Source: healthline.com

6Symptoms lasting for years are not likely signs of cancer

A cough that won’t go away, or constant headaches or even abdominal bloating aren’t signs of cancer. Had it been cancer, you would have succumbed to the disease years ago. But this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated. Migraines could be a sign of some underlying issue. Abdominal bloating too can be the result of various problems in the digestive tract among them allergies, lactose intolerance, GERD, gallstones, and other gastric issues that need proper treatment.

Symptoms lasting for years are not likely signs of cancer

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7Symptoms that come and go aren’t usually signs of cancer.

If you notice a rash on your body and it disappears or a bump then that too isn’t cancer. The symptoms of cancer worsen over time; they don’t disappear with the exception of colon cancer which may result in off and on bouts of diarrhea and blood in stools. This there is no need to panic, just get your current problem checked by a doctor for suitable medication and you will be fine.

Symptoms that come and go aren’t usually signs of cancer.

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

8“Cancer is becoming younger” is a myth.

According to statistics, the average age when cancer strikes is around 66 and those under 20 only possess a 1% risk of acquiring cancer. Those 55 and older are at highest risk of getting cancer and that is also not likely so soon if you abide by a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise.  The age group of 55 and older makes up for 80% of all cancers. The thing is why cancer is always in the news is because of the information provided by media, NGO’s and health organizations.

“Cancer is becoming younger” is a myth.

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