13 Relieving Pieces of Information for Those Constantly Worried Of Getting Cancer


Just the word Cancer, is enough to give people the shivers. Because of the many theories, assumptions, and cases surrounding it, even small health conditions give many frights thinking it could be cancer. To make matters worse adding to the confusion are symptoms that are almost the same for a minor problem and even when the problem is cancer-related one.  It is beyond doubt, that cancer scares everyone, the rich and poor alike and it is widely regarded as a death sentence in spite of medical advancements that have made some cancers curable or at least under control.

1There is constant fuel being added to the cancer fire

What provides fodder to the cancer fear is the media and the innumerous websites that devote all their energy in promoting cancer symptoms. It is the fear of cancer that makes people sicker by self-diagnosing their symptoms even when slightly sick.  The fears surrounding cancer need to be dispelled and this can be done with awareness of the disease and what constitutes cancer and what does not. That has been accurately discussed in this article.  That being said, one shouldn’t ignore certain health conditions that last longer than the usual time when they are considered minor. This is more to reduce the panic of cancer.

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2A hair growing through a mole, isn’t likely to be melanoma

Almost everyone who have moles on their bodies invariably get scared that it might be cancer. Some might have read that if a mole is dark, large, if hair is growing out of it, then you should start panicking as it may be some form of skin cancer or the other but here’s the truth.

A hair growing through a mole, isn’t likely to be melanoma

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3What it means

Hair growing out of a mole isn’t cancer; it is most probably benign because if hair has grown through, that means the structure of the skin remains unaltered. In skin cancer, the channels through which hair can grow through cannot form so don’t be worried. If on the other hand if hair grew earlier but has stopped, it still doesn’t necessarily mean cancer. To rest your fears even further, consult a dermatologist.

What it means

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4Benign tumors stay benign in most cases.

In most cases benign tumors never become malignant unless it is a rare case. Colon polyps are better removed before they become into cancer. Breast tumors like fibroadenomas also won’t turn into cancer and neither will ovarian cysts and womb fibroids. However, these are still health issues that should be taken care of and it’s best to consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

Benign tumors stay benign in most cases

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