15 Psychological Facts That Explain The Naked Truth About Life


Psychological facts are like eternal truths about the human mind. Therefore, they also expose some things about human life. Knowing them can help you in several situations. The psychological facts presented in this article, reveal some truths about life and how humans tend to think.

Some of them just reveal the true nature of life while others reveal the true nature of humans and why they do certain things and behave in certain ways. Knowing these facts will help you understand why we do what we do. It will also help you stop doing certain things which may not be as beneficial as you originally thought.

1Some people are scared to be happy

Sometimes people are afraid to be happy. This happens because something tragic happened the last time they were happy. Thus, they subconsciously always expect something bad to happen whenever they are happy. To avoid this, they don’t go to parties, or out on dates. They believe if they are not happy, nothing bad will happen.

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2Your favorite team motivates you

Sports are a big deal for a lot of people. Fans are dedicated to their teams to various degrees. It may seem odd to some of us. But have you ever wondered why it matters so much? When a team wins, its supporters and fans have a massive boost in self-esteem. People are more motivated for at least a day. People also like to watch sports in a group because the win is more joyful and in case of a loss, the despair is easier to handle.

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3Creativity means more ideas

A person is considered more creative, not when they have the best ideas, but when they have the most ideas. Good ideas are really hard to come by and it takes a long time to formulate them. Instead, if a person just comes up with ideas, good and bad, and just forgets the bad ones and takes a break, more number of good ideas are likely to result.

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4A favorite song has meaning

Almost all of us have a favorite song. However, a special song is more than just a song. Our favorite songs are those that we associate with a particular event. For instance, your favorite song might be the song that you and partner danced to at your wedding, or listened to on your first date, or were listening to when you had your first kiss. A favorite song has some meaning behind it.

5Background music harms creativity

You must have met some people who love to do their work while listening to music. Whether it is washing the dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming or typing, some people are always listening to music because they feel they work better when they listen to music. It is quite the contrary. Listening to any song or tune can hinder your creative and thinking abilities.

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