12 Ways In Which Karma From Your Past Life Comes Back To Affect You Today


At one point, the word ‘karma’ was only limited to the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism but now it has spread to a worldwide audience who know and understand its existence. Many people live their lives in certain ways to only attract good karma and never do anything negative.

Many believe that karma is the memory of our souls and that it moves on from one life to another. This means that you could have done nothing wrong in your life but you will be punished for the sins of your prior life. Some people spend their entire life doing good just to balance out the scale of their prior life sins.

1Karma can come at anytime

The one basic thing everyone needs to know about karma is that it can hit you at any time. It doesn’t have to be this life but even in the next or it can skip twice and hit you in the third. People think karma is like baggage which it is but this is smart baggage. It knows where you are and can track you through lifetimes.

Karma can come at anytime

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2Some things do not happen because of karma

One important thing to note is that not everything bad that happens to you is because of karma. Sometimes something bad can happen to you and you’ll believe it was because of your wrong doings but in reality, it could’ve been because of someone else’s karma and you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some things do not happen because of karma

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3Being born poor has a reason

If you were born into a poor household, karma has a reason for it. This is for you to learn how to struggle in life. Many people learn a lot by facing hardships rather than having a smooth sailing life. Many people have claimed their tough and poor upbringing was what made them successful later in life because they learned the value of hard work due to those circumstances.

Being born poor has a reason

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4Being born in a war

If you had the unfortunate luck to be born in a country torn by war there is a bigger reason for it. You may be a spiritually advanced soul who was sent here to help people because you can make a change. This isn’t punishment even after all the hardships you will go through. This is a way of letting you know how important you are in the grander scheme of things.

Being born in a war

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5Karma has no deadline

Karma doesn’t have to come in your current lifetime. It accumulates over many lifetimes and gives out punishment when it feels like. You may receive all the punishments for your sins in one lifetime or you may not receive any this lifetime and be bombarded with all of it in the next. Always remember that karma has no expiration date.

Karma has no deadline

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