16 Incredible Facts About The Incredible Billie Eilish


11The story behind her Instagram handle

Billie’s Instagram handle @wherearetheavocados was actually made as a joke. Once when she was 10 years old, she was making grilled cheese sandwiches. But she could not find the avocados that she wanted to eat with the sandwiches. That was the origin of her Instagram handle, with over 12 million followers.

The story behind her Instagram handle

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12She loves and respects her fans

Unlike a lot of other celebs, Billie actually loves and respects her fans. One of her fans once sent her a drawing of Billie with blacked-out eyes, crying black tears. Billie loved it so much, she asked her director to draw inspiration from it. This became the music video for “When The Party’s Over”.

She loves and respects her fans

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13Her first tour

In 2017, Billie went on her first tour called the “Don’t Smile at Me” tour. The album “Don’t Smile at Me” was so named because Billie hates it when people smile at her. She feels an obligation to smile back and doesn’t always want to smile.

Her first tour 

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14Billie has been prone to injuries since childhood

According to Billie, her “body is broken”. Due to her energetic live performances, she has suffered sore throats, shin, leg and ankle splints, and a torn hip flexor muscle. She regularly undergoes physiotherapy. When she was in school, she once popped her hip bone while dancing.

Billie has been prone to injuries since childhood

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15She is her own master

When it comes to her music, music videos or even her appearance and style, she is her own boss. She demands full control of all the above. She says that she would rather die than let someone else take over, even if it reduces her responsibilities or makes things easier for her.

She is her own master

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In one year, Billie (aged 16 at the time) went from performing for a crowd of 500 to a crowd of 40,000 people. Billie’s songs have featured on the soundtrack of both seasons of ‘13 Reasons Why’. “Bored” is on season 1 soundtrack while “Lovely” with Khalid is on season 2.


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