16 Incredible Facts About The Incredible Billie Eilish


At the age of 15 she gained worldwide attention for her debut single ‘Ocean Eyes’ and when she released her debut EP, ‘Don’t Smile at Me’ a year later, she cemented herself as one of the most ambition and unique rising stars in the music industry.

She is now known for her weird music videos and unique singing style and voice. Her tracks have been featured as the soundtrack on many movies and we all have seen the memes related to her hit single ‘Bad Guy’. But, there is more to the eclectic Billie Eilish and we’re about to tell you.

1Her origins

Billie was born on December 18, 2001, to parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’ Connell, who were both in the entertainment industry. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Her heritage includes part Irish and part Scottish. As a child, Billie was homeschooled.

Her origins

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2Her introduction to music

At age 8, she joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. This is where she learned to sing properly. She started writing her own songs from the age of 11. She has said that some of the singers who influenced her were Lana Del Rey, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, and The Beatles.

Her introduction to music

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3Her first single

Billie’s first single released in 2016 on Soundcloud. It was called “Ocean Eyes”. It was released with the help of her brother Finneas. In 2019, “Ocean Eyes” reached certified platinum by the RIAA. It also occupied the number 84 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Her first single

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4Her brother Finneas

Finneas is also a musician and has actively helped Billie build up her career. Most of her songs have been written with Finneas or by him. They perform together in her live shows. He also produces her music. Their parents are also quite musical. Her dad plays the piano and ukulele while her mom is a songwriter too.

Her brother Finneas

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5Her favorite movies and TV shows

Billie is a fan of “The Office” and has called it her favorite show in public. She used references from the show in her song “My Strange Addiction”. She loves horror and her favorites include ‘The Babadook’, ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. Her first composition “Fingers Crossed” is about the apocalypse from ‘The Walking Dead’.

Her favorite movies and TV shows

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