13 Interesting Facts That Every Fan Should Know About John Lennon


10His love for ocean can be felt in his songs

As John Lennon was born and raised in Liverpool, it is kind of obvious that he loved ocean and his love was quite visible in his songs as well. He also used it as a medium to meditate and relax. Once he hired a boat from New York City to Bermuda for recording demos of Double Fantasy and also quit smoking while he was with the ocean.

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11He was in love with breakfast and caffeine

In 1965, a reporter called John Lennon “the fat Beatle” but still even that didn’t affected John’s hunger for breakfast. As per John’s secretary, May Pang, John was very fond of full English breakfast that includes black pudding as well. He also liked to cook and he was always seen with a cup of coffee or black tea as caffeine was his another love after food.

12John Lennon was very fond of Monopoly

We all must have played game “Monopoly” in our lives and John Lennon was a quite a big fan of this game. He used to take his own Monopoly set with him all the time and loved to play if anyone wants. Winning or losing doesn’t matter to him but he definitely loved to own two properties – Boardwalk and Park Place.

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13Yoko Ono’s importance in John’s life

John had quite good number affairs in life but things changed after he met Yoko Ono. John used to say about their relationship that it is different from others, just like a hit record, more than gold or anything else. However, just one year after Yoko’s marriage with John, the band Beatles got split and it is being said that Yoko may have played a role in breaking the band.

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