13 Interesting Facts That Every Fan Should Know About John Lennon


6John Lennon was a bad driver

John Lennon may have been exceptional in the field of music but when it comes to driving, he was pretty horrible. He got his license at the age of 24 on 15th Feb 1965 which he used for just four years as he met with an accident while on a trip to Scotland. John was accompanied by his wife, Yoko Ono, Julien their son and Kyoko, Yoko’s daughter. John got 17 stitches and he started taking services of a chauffeur after that accident.

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7He hated the sound of his own voice

Many singers don’t like the sound of their own voice and the same goes for the legendary John Lennon as well. George Martin who used to be a manager of Beatles told this to biographer Ray Coleman that John disliked his voice so much that he used to ask to add effects to sound it differently.

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8He wanted to write story books for children

John Lennon was not just a singer and musician but he was a writer as well and he had written some poems and stories. His three books that were published and available for reading are His Own Write, A Spaniard in the Works, and Skywriting by Word of Mouth.

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The desire that couldn’t get fulfilled

The last one was published in 1986, when he was not alive however in many interviews he expressed his desire of writing storybooks for children when he will be old and retired from his music work.

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9John Lennon’s last photo also featured the man who took his life

In the year 1980, John Lennon made a comeback with his new album Double Fantasy. On December 8, during the morning time, Mark David Chapman requested the legendary singer to give an autograph on the new record to which John happily obliged.

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The horrific incident

The photo was clicked by Paul Goresh in which John can be seen giving autograph to Chapman. However, some hours later when Lennon was returning from the studio, a person came and shot him many times. That person was the same person whom John gave autograph in the morning, Mark David Chapman.

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