15 Incredible Facts About The Human Body That Will Surprise You


6Your body can feed a million mosquitoes

The human body has 9 and 12 pints of blood which is more than enough to feed over a million mosquitoes. This is because a single mosquito has the capacity to drink only 0.003 ml of blood in one single bite. Around 1.2 to 1.8 million mosquitos will be needed to drink all the blood present in the human body.

7Your liver works very hard

We often think our liver has just one function, to filter the liquids that pass through our bodies but the truth is that our liver has many functions. It can filter the blood, break down and absorb the fats, process the cholesterol and vitamins and a lot more. All these functions are the reason why it is prone to get damaged easily.

Your liver works very hard

Image Source: fiquesabendo.org

8You are unique

“You are unique” is something you have always heard but did you ever think just how unique you are? Your fingerprints are not the only thing that is unique about you. The shape of your ear is also unique as well as the shape and texture of your tongue. There are no two people who have the same fingerprints, ear shape or tongue texture.

You are unique

Image Source: tabnakbato.ir

9A baby skeleton has more bones

You knew thanks to biology class that the human body has 206 bones but did you know that the skeleton of a baby has way more bones than that? They have around 305 bones. This happens because as the child grows up some of their bones merge into one another in a process called “ossification”.

A baby skeleton has more bones

Image Source: slideplayer.com

10The way we keep our hands together

The way we keep our hands together tells us which part of our brain we use the most. The right finger on top means the right hemisphere is dominant. If the left finger is on top the left hemisphere is more dominant. If we keep our thumbs parallel to each other which is quite rare that means there is no particular dominant part of our brain.



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