15 Incredible Facts About The Human Body That Will Surprise You


There are many aspects of the human body that will surprise us and many that we have not yet discovered. The human body starts working from the time we are in the womb till the time we finally close our eyes forever. There are many facts relating to our fingerprints, heartbeat, blood, etc that we don’t fully know about.

Today, we’ve gathered a few incredible facts about the human body that you did not know about and will be pleasantly surprised by.

1You lie better when you need to use the toilet

We all have lied in the past and it could’ve been a big lie or a small lie. But, how convincingly did you sell the lie? Believe it or not but if you want to sell a lie the best way to do it is when you have a full bladder. When your bladder is full your main focus is self-control so, you lie better and more convincingly.

You lie better when you need to use the toilet

Image Source: usviralhub.com

2The female heart beats faster

We know that the human heartbeats from around 60-100 beats per minute. But, the male and female heart does not beat the same. The issue arises due to the difference in the size of the human heart in males and females. The female heart is smaller, thus has to work harder. The male heart beats around 70 times per minute whereas the female heart has up to 78 beats per minute.

The female heart beats faster

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3The liquids that come out from your nose are from your brain

You may have noticed that sometimes your nose will leak a clear liquid. This is actually brain fluid that comes out in small quantities when there is excess. This is harmless and not threating. If the fluid amount is high and it continues to leak, then you might want to visit a doctor.

The liquids that come out from your nose are from your brain

Image Source: zadn.vn

4Women’s fingerprints are way more complex

We all know that no two fingerprints are similar in this world but did you know that men’s fingerprints are not as complex as women’s? Yes, this is because the female skin is prone to secreting more amino acids than the male counterpart. This gets distributed all over the fingers and makes the female fingerprints far more complex. This also helps scientists know the gender of a person by their fingerprints.


5Women can give birth to over 40 children

Thanks to the toxic male masculinity in our society we’ve always been told that males are stronger than females. This is a wrong statement as men do not know how painful childbirth is. Every woman who has given birth has experienced a pain their male counterpart will never know about. Women can have several children in one lifetime. The current record is still held by a Russian woman who had 69 children in the 18th century.

Women can give birth to over 40 children

Image Source: zadn.vn


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