15 Facts About Life In Norway That Will Surprise You


The fjords, mountains and northern lights of Norway are some of the main things that the world knows about. But there is so much more to learn and know about this Scandinavian country. It is a great and popular tourist destination but there are still some tiny facts that the world is oblivious to.

Another thing that the country is famous for is being rather expensive. Many people have said that it is 55% more expensive than in other European countries. The economy is good and people do get higher salaries as compared to others and the quality of life is also great.

1Plastic is recycled

In Norway, each plastic bottle is worth money. When you return a plastic bottle to a grocery store, a bar code reader reads the code and you get a check for the amount it is worth. This money can be used as a discount while shopping. This is why most people return plastic bottles and 97% of plastic bottles are recycled in Norway, according to the UN.

Plastic is recycled

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2Personal space

Norwegian people value their personal space. They like to keep to themselves and don’t appreciate small talk. For this reason, you should never sit next to someone on a bus or a train unless all the other seats are occupied. They also don’t like it when other people pay for their food. Men and women are expected to pay for themselves.

Personal space

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3Reserved but trustworthy

Norwegian society is built on trust. People will help you no matter what. However, they are very reserved. They appear cold but the truth is they like keeping to themselves. They show affection by tapping people on the back. Their form of PDA is buying furniture together. This is all because personal space is of the utmost importance.

Reserved but trustworthy

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4Medical expenses are hefty

Just like other first world countries, healthcare is expensive. Before going to Norway, make sure to get your body checked out because of any treatment there will be very expensive. You also can’t go and see a doctor immediately. You have to make an appointment that will take 2 days at least.

Medical expenses are hefty

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5Pharmacies don’t give medicines easily

Most pharmacies don’t give out medicines without a prescription. You can only get a few painkillers if you go without a prescription. Most Norwegian doctors and patients believe that most health problems can be solved with fish oil, regular physical exercise, and ibuprofen. This is why medicines are not recommended until the problem is serious.

Pharmacies don’t give medicines easily

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