17 Surprising Facts About The Human Psyche That Might Keep You Awake At Night


The human mind more than we know is extremely complex and can even be a dangerous weapon against ourselves. It can be our greatest friend bringing us infinite peace or our worst enemy drowning us in our own weird perception of ourselves and the world around us. It can be both confusing and scary and till date is the subject of innumerous studies because scientists are still exploring the complicated workings o f the human mind and may have just scratched the surface. But whatever facts that science, research and psychology has discovered facts that are disturbing and puzzling too. Here are 17 such crazy facts about the human mind that may keep you awake at night.

1We feel more confident when we see others being humiliated

This is especially true for quite a number of people who suffer their own sense of insecurity. To see someone humiliated gives them confidence because it makes them feel superior in some weird way. Such people are usually unconfident people themselves who are afraid of the accomplishments of others.

Image Source: psychologytoday.com


2The feeling of butterflies in our stomach when we fall in love

As much as you may have thought that this was a positive reaction, it is actually a stress response much like the one you have when facing an interview or exam etc. People who have been in relationships are more likely to feel this way because a sense of automatic apprehension also sets in.

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3Many people consider themselves to be better than average

There are several people with egos who may consider themselves better than the rest. What gives them this false sense of superiority may also be insecurity or not being in tune with the reality of their own situations. They fool themselves into thinking they are of above-average intelligence.

Image Source: www.scienceabc.com


4We’re attracted to people with narcissism and psychopathy

This is very true where many may find themselves being attracted to narcissists and psychopaths possibly because it could be the confidence and outgoing nature that such people exude from themselves which make some of us wish we to had the courage to be like them.

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