15 Magnificent Facts About Bhutan That Separate It From The Rest Of The World


Bhutan is filled with extraordinary culture, striking architecture and breathtaking monasteries. It is truly a place of peace and calm. Its beauty comes from the vast amount of fauna and flora. Visiting this place feels like taking a trip to a different world as it is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

The reason why Bhutan is so beautiful is that the people have learned to live together with nature. There is a unity between the people and the land. There isn’t must deforestation or industrialization. There is free healthcare and no homeless people, all because the people of Bhutan care about human and nature’s existence.

1No homeless people

One of the greatest aspects about Bhutan is that there are no homeless people, anywhere. The streets are clear. This is because they have a king. In a case of emergency, for example, someone lost their house, all they have to do is talk to the king. He will give them a piece of land to build a new home and grow vegetables.

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2Dress code

Unlike most countries, Bhutanese people actually have a dress code. They wear traditional clothes even if it is a casual occasion. They wear knee-length robes if they are men and the women wear long dresses. They look very traditional and elegant in their clothes and this sets them apart from all the other countries.

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3Social status is identified by clothes

Yes, the social status of people in Bhutan is identified by their clothes, that is why they always wear traditional clothes. Another identifier is the scarves they wear. These scarves are worn over their left shoulder and usually ordinary people wear white scarfs and noble people like monks or authorities wear yellow ones.

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4Bhutan is a matriarchal society

Bhutan is one of the last living matriarchal societies in the world. Women are the head of the family and make all decisions. This also means that women can be polyandrous. The inheritance also passes down through women. Women inherit cattle, houses, and belongings from their mothers. This is also why the man moves in with the wife’s family after marriage.

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5Free healthcare

Along with no homelessness, Bhutan has tackled another issue that developed and advanced countries are struggling to cope with. Bhutan provides free healthcare to its citizens! This is something that every welfare country would like to and should provide but Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world that actually provides free healthcare. In Bhutan, both traditional and modern medicine are practiced and the patient can choose which way they want to be treated. 

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