10 Terrible Body Language Habits Everyone Needs to Stop Doing Now


4Rubbing your neck

When you rub your neck, you usually do so in order to relieve stress or tension in that area. Sometimes, even if there is nothing to make you anxious you still rub your neck. You need to be aware of what you do with your hands and try to avoid this action of rubbing your neck as much as possible. Rubbing your neck too often will only reveal your discomfort and anxiety to the people around you.

Rubbing your neck

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5Nail biting

Among body language habits, Nail biting is yet another habit which shows people that you are nervous. While biting your fingernails might help you relieve stress, it can tell people exactly how you feel. Besides this, if you start biting your nails when you are speaking to another person, they might find it extremely distracting and even repulsive. Such body language habits even damage the state of your nails. Since people judge you based on your appearance, having bad fingernails could leave a bad image of yourself.

Nail biting

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6Being very stiff

By being too calm and stiff you will seem like a person who is generally disinterested in talking to other people or hearing what they have to say. This stiffness of yours could even make them a bit uneasy. As such, change your body language habits to show genuine enthusiasm with different facial expressions. You can also try to mirror the other person’s gestures, but without making it too obvious, because this will help you give them a more positive impression of yourself.

Being very stiff

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Your level of self-confidence can easily be determined from your posture. Body language habits like slouching show that you are feeling insecure. If you don’t fix this posture of yours, it can soon become a habit which you will start doing in every situation. If you start slouching when you aren’t in any situation that can make you feel uneasy, people will interpret this as a sign of low self-esteem.


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