10 Terrible Body Language Habits Everyone Needs to Stop Doing Now


It may have never crossed your mind to be mindful of your body movements and actions. In fact, people don’t always notice what they do with their hands, legs, or facial expressions, when they are among other people. But, your body language can actually reveal a lot about your feelings and personality. It can help you make a good impression and maybe even get the job of your dreams.

However, it can also make people want to avoid you if you have terrible body language habits. Your body language habits play a vital role in your interactions, which is why you need to conduct yourself in way which can have a positive effect on your life. For this, you will have to correct or get rid of certain body language habits that might portray you in a bad way.

1 Too much or too little eye contact

When you avoid eye-contact, it can make you seem as if you don’t like the person, or you lack confidence. It can even make you appear as an untrustworthy person. While maintaining eye-contact is good, staring too intensely right into the other person’s eyes can make you look aggressive and make the other person feel a bit uncomfortable. It would be best to go for a series of long glances.

Too much or too little eye contact

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Fidgeting can be a habit that you may have at all times or perhaps something you do in stressful situations. You need to stop doing this or it could give off the wrong impression. When you have body language habits like tapping your fingers and feet, twirling your hair, touching your rings, or check your watch during a conversation or an important meeting, it might seem like you aren’t interested or bored and would rather be somewhere else.


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3Not smiling

Smiling is a good way of showing how confident and open you are. But, it is something that most people often forget to do, especially in formal situations. When you smile, the other person or people will also smile back as they will feel more open and positive towards you. But, never fake-smile as it could portray you as untrustworthy and insincere.

Not smiling

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