7 Unexpected Facts about Love and Relationships That Have Never Been Revealed Before


Finally, science has intervened in the matter of hearts and love and the results are great. Research and studies have been conducted about relationships and why some continue while some wither away. Needless to say, after considerable psychological analysis, experts have come out with unconventional conclusions and if these results and tips are followed then we can seriously gauge the future of any relationship and maybe save it from breaking up. So, follow these 7 scientific tips to have a great lasting love relationship.

1Everything depends on the first kiss

A University of Oxford study has concluded that the first kiss between two potential lovers can be a great way to gauge the longevity of their relationship. The initial kiss can give a clear picture of the suitability of the match. It is considered a rule that a first kiss is important for long term relationship especially for women.

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It has nothing to do with physical arousal

A good first kiss means a lot to the women and contrary to the popular belief, it has got nothing to do with physical arousal. It has everything to do with connecting on an emotional level with one’s partner.

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2When people live with each other for more than 25 years, they develop similar facial features

Is this possible? Well the University of Michigan US has conducted research and concluded that after spending a considerable part of their lives with each other together, partners start looking like each other. It sounds fantastic to believe but according to the study it’s true, the physical features starts converging and it’s also noted that couples who gradually develop these physical similarities usually are the one with very happy and fulfilling marriage.

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Why this happens

The logical explanation for this phenomenon is based on theory of emotional efference. This theory believes that emotional synchronization produces vascular changes which are regulated the facial musculature.

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