15 Women Who Were Never Considered Beautiful but Have Now Proved Everyone Wrong


Everyone in the world should learn to embrace diversity but that isn’t always the case and discrimination is everywhere. We as a society should learn to be less judgemental on the superficial surface of things. Yet we more often than not judge with our eyes but never our own mind or intuition. We still judge people by looks and the heavy demand of fairness creams in some parts of the world  is proof that beauty for many is only skin deep. Because of that, in today’s world, women with unconventional looks and faces have to muster a lot of courage to hold up their own in life. But, believe it or not there are quite a few who are the finest examples of inspiration having risen above themselves and their complexes to stand tall and proud in the world today. Take a look at 15 amazing girls who are popular today by proving to the world that they too are beautiful in their own way.

1Ilka Brühl

She may have been born with a congenital condition called ectodermal dysplasia but that hasn’t stopped Ilka Bruhl from making it on her own. Her rare genetic disorder was never enough to demotivate her in life and today she announces that it is her mission to declare to the world that everyone is beautiful. She shares her photos and story frequently on Instagram and is now quite famous.

Ilka Brühl

Image Source: boredpanda.com


2Sophia Hadjipanteli

Sophia Hadjipanteli is a model from Cyprus who is on social media and has a unique trait. Her unibrows made her very popular among all the top designers and she is now quite famous too. According to them, Sophia Hadjipanteli  has easily changed conventional ideas about beauty.

Sophia Hadjipanteli

Image Source: af.com


3Swantje Paulina

Swantje Paulina has never tried hiding her looks and even attempting to conceal her freckles. She is proud of the way she looks and regards it as a gift from Mother Nature. She is popular on Instagram and has more than 200,000 fans and followers who love and adore her.

Swantje Paulina

Image Source: wattpad.com


4Dru Presta

She is just 3feet 4 inches tall, but that doesn’t stop Dru Pesta a 21 year old model from America living the life she wants. She says that she was bullied as a child but she pulled through and pursued her dream of becoming a model and today she is one.

Dru Presta

Image Source: www.diegodiscovers.com


5Mikayla Holmgren

Mikayla Holmgren is a woman afflicted by Down syndrome and yet she competed in the Miss USA Minnesota Beauty Pageant. She has even won two awards and is an inspiration to millions like her who aspire to live and follow their dreams.

Mikayla Holmgren

Image Source: www.twincities.com


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