What Does Your Favorite Animal Reveal About Your Personality?



Horses have been considered as powerful yet gentle creatures. A wild horse represents freedom in the spirit world. A restrained horse symbolizes being held back. But, a horse is such an animal that races towards its goals confidently. If your favorite animal is the horse, then you are motivated to break free from the reigns and head towards your goals. Another spiritual trait of the horse is sturdiness. This means that it can stand strong and persistently push forward, despite the scope or weight of a situation.

Horses have been considered as powerful

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In the spirit world each bird represents something different. However, most birds tend to possess many common spiritual traits. For instance, a blue jay represents energy, intelligence, and awareness. Many birds also represent patience and wisdom in the spirit world. You gain clarity and knowledge from the spirit totem of the bird.

Beautiful bird

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The spiritual totem of the butterfly indicates that a huge change is about to take place in your life. The butterfly helps you to gracefully and confidently face these changes and embrace the unknown rather than cower away from future. These insects are beautiful creatures which represent faith and love. The butterfly will help you enjoy the process of change even if the path is unknown.


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Owls have been regarded as ancient creatures of wisdom. One can unlock new levels of intuition in their life by calling to the spirit of the owl totem. In contrast to what was believed for thousands of years- the owl was thought to represent death; nowadays the owl spiritually is regarded to be a very positive experience.


Owls have a keen sense of sight which allows them to see in the night. If your favorite animal is the owl, then you may have a good insight which enables you to see through deception and unravel the truth. Instead of representing death, it is more likely that the owl symbolizes the end of a phase, or change and new beginnings.

Sometimes life tends to be so difficult that you might think that there is no hope. But, there are many spirit animals to help you in your time of need. Just call to them and believe in their healing powers. You won’t ever have to face moments of doubt alone as well.


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